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Welcome to Cnwch Farm Equine.


I am a amateur eventer with two of my own horses that i have competed up to Novice level.

British Eventing is fabulous and i absolutley love it, but i find it very expensive and highly addictive!


Therefore to help fund my expensive hobby i specialise in selling a small selection of quality competiton/hunt horses from our family run stock farm in Mid Wales, Powys, where i live with my husband and two young sons.

This is something i have done since i became too old for the junior classes and my two ponies were sold, i was given half of the money from one of my ponies by my parents, where i bought myself two unbroken horses and so it began.


I occasionally have horses in to break and train/school, as well as selling horses on behalf of their owners-when time and room allows me!

Quality not Quantity!

Having only between 1-3 horses in to sell at a time i focus on quality and not quantity! All my horses are bought and produced to sell with competition & active futures in mind, therfore quality, athletitism and ability, together with temperaments, soundness, and willing attitudes, at affordable prices for my customers are of top priority.

I mostly have athletic sports horse types, some from a contact in Ireland, but i am rather partial to a good thoroughbred!

I always try to keep to the same stamp of quality horses, usually from 3-6 yrs & from 15.2hh upwards.

- Robbie:)




Contact Robbie:

Robbie Alman-Wilson. Cnwch, Llanbister, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Ld1 6ug.

Home: 01597840217 / Mobile: 07870634012.




The Beacon Hill, our best facility!





All of the horses are rode on thousands of acres of open hill, which is hard going, uneven ground and in the winter very wet & windy! They quickly become very " good on their feet" . They have to combat steep up- hills, steep declines, natural ditches, banks and drops and trappy slippy water crossings. They quickly learn to think for themselves, and as a result they become more confident & excepting of different situations, and to trust what their rider is asking of them.

Bring your waterproofs and you can really try a horse before buying up here!






Accurately Described Horses.




You will find that my horses are accurately advertised.

I will only say a horses has hunted or competed etc if it has done so, and i like to make sure that every horse is suitable for the purpose which it is being purchased for.

All friends and instructors are welcome. And All horses are open to any vettings .






Flatwork And Jumping.

And life on the farm.


We have a sand & rubber arena where i am able to school the horses for flatwork, jumping & lunging.

Another facility for when trying out your potential new horse!

All horses are subjected to our two young children running up & down the shed on ride on tractors, bikes & toys etc, closely followed by all the dogs! All horses will be used to tractors, quad bikes, sheep cattle & dogs. If any horse prefers or dislikes any one of the above i will always tell potential buyers.




Terms Of Sale.





If you like a horse and wish to reserve it, a £200 cash deposit is required. This is refundable only if the horse fails a veterinary inspection. A deposit is valid for two weeks only.

Contact Robbie: Robbie Alman-Wilson. Cnwch, Llanbister, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Ld1 6ug.

Home: 01597840217 / Mobile: 07870634012.






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