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Many thanks for all enquires, Caliblue has found a wonderful new home & is doing well.



Top quality Bsh, Huge competition potential in showing, showjumping or eventing!



Caliblue is a stunning colured mare who always without fail draws every single eye at all the shows she has attended! If you dont want all eyes on you, then this is not the right one to be looking at!

She has just turned 4yrs , is British Sports Horse and CHAPS registered.

Standing currently at 16hh approx, she is expected to grow further from her breeding as she is British Warmblood x tb ( sire CALIGULAR Bsh ) dam ( TANGO BLUE Bsh)



Caliblue has a unbeaten record in the show ring, winning CHAPS qualifiers in best non native coloured and best coloured sports horse in hand.

I confess that showing is not my forte so at each show i have asked the judges and other people competing their opinion on her with respects to the showing world.



Each judge has said always commented on how very smart she is and all said "very easily county level" and when asked what classes she would be suitable for, because i really have no clue apart from coloured in hand, i have been told Show hunter, working hunter and sports horse classes.


Caliblue has no blemishes, has straight movement and beautiful conformation, along with very even markings!


I have had Caliblue for several months and have quietly done bits and bobs with her, mainly taking her to shows to show in hand because i felt she was too green to give a good show under saddle, although i think she is ready now.

She was backed as a 2yr old and then not really done any ridden work until i started with her, but was always very well handled and messed with lots from the floor, which is why she is brilliant to fuss over!

So i set about starting her ridden career, i have been very busy training horses to event so Caliblue had to fit in when i had time, not ideal for a young horse who was obviously very green, but fair play to her, over a week at a time without being sat on then asked to go by herself ( which she had never been alone either in stables or fields) we'd ride up on the hill because i always like young horses to be hacking out nicely before i even think about going round and round in a school, but she was always a pleasure.

She has had to do everything by herself with me on a small quiet yard which she was not used to as she came off a very large livery yard.

She hacks out on thousands of acres of hill, i take all of my dogs with me, she has been used to gather sheep and move cattle. You can get on and off to do gates or do them on her. She thinks nothing of jumping ditches and drops up and down on the hill, which is probably why she didnt bat an eyelid when i took her on her first xc schooling.



She has been on a couple of fun rides, saw some busy traffic, went in a huge river ( where she tried to roll ) she took the lead, went behind, to the side, cantering along together , all of which she took in her stride.

i have not done any jumping with her (apart from the natural obstacles on the hill) until the day before i took her xc schooling last week where i quickly loosed jumped her over a couple of xpoles and then a little fence just so she got the general idea!

Then the following day i took her xc schooling!

She was superb, after trotting around to warm up we stepped over a 1 small log, progressed to canter and then i just went around the rest trying to pick nice fences because i didnt know where i was going as i had never been to the venue before. The more she did the bolder she became, until she was taking me, she was fantastic and willing and thoroughly enjoying herself.

All of the videos are first attempts, no practicing several times before, this is how she was, and i was very impressed!

The only thing she needed a lead for was to go into the water for the first time but after that she was fine by herself.


she covers the ground very brilliantly, i have 2 xracers and she can near enough cover the ground like them. The ability and feel she gave me when jumping was fantastic, literally just scratching the surface!


I have started schooling her and she is now listening and softening well and showing some very pleasing work, she has 3 beautiful floating paces and is naturally balanced. Although of course she is very much just starting her flatwork so understanibly green.

Caliblue has had her first set of front shoes and was perfect. She has excellent feet anyway! She has recently had her teeth done, She is brilliant to handle in the stable, you can touch and mess with her anywhere. She ties up and ties to the lorry and trailer, loads on the lorry and trailer, she is excellent to wash, pick feet up etc etc etc. She does not however like her mane being pulled.


You know when she is in season because she does pee more, she is however no different when in season to do anything with or to ride what-so-ever, you wouldnt know apart from she pees in her stable where as useally she does not!


She is a lovely mare with absolutley huge potential in the right hands, and the more she does the more she is flourishing, i want her to go somewhere where she is going to be used and helped to achieve great things which she is bound to do!


I will only sell Caliblue to experienced capable homes who will be able to further her education because she looks to her rider for confidence. So please do not call if you do not understand the work and time that young horses require. Therefore she is not for novices!

She has always done everything i have asked of her with no problems, she has never bronked or reared or thrown a hissy fit, but she is still green and i can tell if a half hearted or a unconfident rider were to have her she would take the biscuit straight! All the work she has learnt so far would be undone and she really is far too special for that to happen.

Somebody will have a true loving future star with caliblue.